Active Learning Ideas

Seeding the Future

There is a magical quality around seeds and how they transform and grow.  The process of watching and participating in sowing seeds, tracking plant growth, and perhaps ultimately harvesting fruit and vegetables can leave important impressions on a child’s mind.  Promoting this interest in children is critical for the future of environmental knowledge and care of the planet, and benefits extend to the individual child as well.  
by Anne-Marie Parrish  
Active Learning Ideas

Looking for a Silver Lining and Finding a Green One Instead


Today’s reality doesn’t seem woven with any strands of metallic thread.   However, after much contemplation, I realize that perhaps there isn’t a silver lining at all, but instead a green one.  I have always gravitated towards the outdoors and nature settings, and I believe, particularly now, that nature can play an important role for everyone, whether nature oriented or not.  Nature can reduce stress and provide a calming influence during these turbulent times.

By Anne-Marie Parrish

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About This Blog!


This blog is a companion to The Nature Booklist, a resource for librarians, educators, and parents.

Image by HoliHO is licensed by Pixabay.

By Nate Keefe

Active Learning Ideas

Harvesting a Child’s Curiosity in the Garden


The experience of being in a garden is a wholly sensory one that engages all of the senses at once to produce a feeling of wonder and awe of the bounty provided by the natural world. Harvesting fresh fruit and vegetables from a garden, or any growing space, is an encounter that connects children and adults to their food in an irreplaceable way. There are many sensory observations to be had in natural settings that can peak a child's curiosity.

By Anne-Marie Parrish

Active Learning Ideas

The Golden Record


“The Sounds of Earth Record Cover” by NASA is in the public domain.

How would you sum up the experience of life on Earth?

By Nate Keefe

Active Learning Ideas

Night Life


Nighttime introduces a whole new world of creatures that we never see during the daytime. Head outdoors and check them out!

By Nate Keefe

Active Learning Ideas

Snuggling In With Sloths


Winter is here, and while it can be an amazing time to head outdoors and experience the snowy splendor, on some days we may simply envy the animals known as professional sleepers.

"Sloth" by Mick Thompson (Flickr) is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0.

By Nate Keefe

Active Learning Ideas

Time to Plant!


Garden” by Derek Bridges (Flickr) is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Gardening is a great way to connect people to nature and each other.

By Nate Keefe

Active Learning Ideas

Surviving or Thriving in the Wintertime


While some animals sleep the winter away in hibernation, others thrive in the snow and cold.

Photo by Yellowstone National Park is in the public domain.

By Nate Keefe



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